My Desk

Today i Finally made some good photo’s of my epic desk. yaay.

i completely made the desk my self, using Google earth sketch up(thanks s14y3d) for sketches and then my dad’s enormous amount of wood for construction, really helps to have that :).

here you see the sketch, this was the original plan but during the construction it turned out to be quite heavy without the top part so I’d decided to leave that out.

here are photo’s of the finished desk, and cleaned for once X):

left cabin, where i keep my books and my mp3 for quick access.

right cabin, where i keep my… well random stuff i guess.

And of course a nice Panorama of the hole desk:

If you have any questions or comments on the desk or the construction of it leave a comment here or send me a mail. I’d be more then happy to share the knowledge i gained form this project.

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Weew I’m back again. dain that was a long holly day wasn’t it XD.

anyway I’ve been doing stuff here and there, for instance:

i try ed to make my own programmer, its still not working 100% but it hopefully will soon so i can program in the vacation.
here’s the site whit good instructions for the programmer:

or swimming pool pump died, it had working electrolysis to convert salt into chloride but now i have 5 titanium plates for me to use as i will, hoping i get around into making a good hydrogen-oxygen machine.

also preparing big time for my survival trip to Sweden, me and 3 others dudes are gonna fly there and drive into the woods where’s no one around, put or hammocks up and stay there for 9 days ()_(), epic right? tomorrow were gonna practice again by hanging the night in some ones garden.

other Great news, on school i now have access to Fablab Arnhem, it has a laser cutter, a 3d printer, 3d scanner, vinyl cutter, some special ink printer that will print on everything, and its just plain awesome :D.

another side project I’m doing in my free time is a Chain mail glove
as you can see its only a single finger yet, this alone took me 10 hours.
basically i just wrap iron wire around a screwdriver to create a big spiral, cut that up into circles, connect them into the correct pattern and then close them whit solder. noticed i cant fully bend my finger anymore but still nice project to do in space time.

BAM quite some text now, hopefully my next update wont be another half year form now.

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Yeah a week free whit noting at my mind… to make it even better ma birthday is in there :D, the 22th of October.

now i say noting at my mind i don’t mean noting to do. I’m planning to Learn AVR C to be enable to program microcontroler, i like it so yay, and got to get a print dosing right for a small microcontroler, thats also quite fun, now i wont do this all day long of course, got plenty of other stuff to do like training to drive a car, play the recently both minecraft(awesome game i just like the simplicity), work on my spartan laser And work on my homemade knife(maybe I’ll post more about that later).

well as you see no time for being bored. have a good vacation to you who have it ๐Ÿ˜€

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YAAY finally I’ve got the Dcf77 worked out, i hope,

for those of you that don’t know what DCF77 is: its a signal send form Germany, Frankfurt and it sends the time thats in sinq whit a atomic clock at UTC +1. it sends it all strange and fubar and you got to decode that first, thank god the antenna that we, me and my group on school, use has a decoder But it only decodes it to binary so i still have to put that in a correct format for the microcontroler to read.

Here’s more Info about the DCF77.

here you see the NSD of it:
























Uur means Hour in dutch.

as you see it only puts the time into a array but thats all we need for now. hope this will work without any trouble X)


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Spartan Laser part 1

This is a free time Project i started mainly to learn and get a awesome Halo 3 Prop :D. If you don’t know what a spartan laser is see this picture

Super Uper Duper Weapon

In halo 3 this weapon charges for about 4 seconds then Shoots a Almighty Beam of red awesomeness. it takes out a person right away and can kill a Scorpion(tank in halo 3) as well.

So far i’ve downloaded a Pepakura file of it and made a cardboard model of it. then i used that model as a guide for a wooden model. first i’ll do the basic shape and then the details on it. now I’m getting to the end of the basic shape. heres what I’ve got so far:

i’ve added a Credit card in the pictures to get a idea of the size of the thing, 98 Cm long and about 8 Kg.

next thing is to round down the upper edges to make it less Blocky and more like the if model. then apply some generally things before going to the Detailing.

For more Info about the Spartan laser Go here.

Ps. i know my room is messy but i has a wooden spartan laser and u don’t ๐Ÿ˜›

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Hello world!

Andย  there it Began, Another blog had started(probably the 3rd by now) hopefully this one will be more successful.

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